the Harp of Vega

"Her laughter, her whispers, her breath emblazoning my flesh, to moments, the measures, the reasons that bind me to her, the sweet soulful sounds that knows my heart, its wealth and how it enriches the whole." - Belvedere

the Eulogy

I did not know my granddad very well, but then again, did anyone? What I do know is, that he was a very secretive and intellectual man. That he loved crossword puzzles, woodwork, geography, and most of all, he loved to draw.  The last conversation I had with him, I will always hold dear.  We … Continue reading the Eulogy

Echo and Narcissus

There is so much more to her; She is a crystal clear pool that at first glance is a mirror, bouncing off everything that is spectacular. I was marveled by this ever steady water, a perfect picture posing to be framed. Moth to a flame, I willingly leapt from the barracks of the warning bells … Continue reading Echo and Narcissus