Echo and Narcissus

There is so much more to her;

She is a crystal clear pool that at first glance is a mirror, bouncing off everything that is spectacular. I was marveled by this ever steady water, a perfect picture posing to be framed. Moth to a flame, I willingly leapt from the barracks of the warning bells and dove into her unarmed. I extended myself on the very tips of my toes, for what was before me was magnanimous, and stretched my arms as far as possible to wrap myself into her rapture and just like that; Sleeping beauty pricked her finger on the spindle. Lost in a state of unconsciousness as she pressed me firmly against her, and kissed me with the urgency to bed me. I followed suit, and read every move as a gesture to a lifelong romance.

Every moment apart, even while I slept beside her, I pined for her. I had fallen in love, happily, until our romantic adventure turned into episodes whereby I pined for her while in her presence. She had completely vanished from me emotionally. All that stood in front of me, was a temperamental vessel. I found it incredibly difficult to tap into her, exhausting having to reach out to her in trying to salvage every darkened corner. She had veiled herself completely from me and like a wild dog feasting, snapped at me for nothing. It tore me to shreds. Shreds of my dignity laced the floor made out of egg shells, giving it that extra shine that I no longer had.