the Damsel in Distress

A horse as free and as breathtaking to look at can never be tamed; I never wanted her bound in more chains than she had already maimed herself into. She is wild and always will be, in the beautiful sense of the word.
I remember the evening she first smiled at me. It was as though I had remembered a past life memory, my soul kept sacred sipping the waters from the chalice of Lethe. It took me a matter of instance to fall, as though my soul had remembered but, I could not hark back to the exact reasons why I felt connected to her. I had become compelled by the charming effect she had on me and, unlike Snow White who through true loves kiss woke, I embarked because of a smile.

I never got to complete my discovery, and no true findings were recorded or calculated on this adventure. No hard evidence or facts of my encounters with this soul had proven much. We had never been given the grace of chance to know one another, and the love we built had no Hands of Time to fall back on. Our entire relationship was a mirage that I am certain I created in my need of desperation to belong to something greater and of purpose. She will always remain a mystery as all wild horses do.