we Forgot to Remember

Stay as beautiful as you are, as
Humble as you present yourself, as
Creative in every thought you stumble upon, as
Liberating in every step you carry, as
Motivated in every word you utter, as
Enduring as I know you to be, as
Endearing as you are when you dance, and

Remember you are never too far from touching grace,
What you will shall be granted,
Although your fate in this lifetime is sealed, you have power to change your destiny,
Life is too short to allow others the privilege of hindering what identifies you,
When in the moment that fills your essence with glee, stretch its arms to remain in it as long as you want it, Time has no issue,
By listening to beyond words said: you will hear what hasn’t been uttered, and

Know that there are little gifts all around you, Look further and deeper: by doing that, you see what the eye skips,
There is magic everywhere: unveil its beauty,
Romance is something said, something done, and mostly something forethought of: it is Divine because it is rare and leaves immortal prints on our hearts and memories: know it is always around you. Imagination is life’s secret trick to keeping us youthful and alive: trust in it,

Remain as passionate as your heart’s determination to beat,
You have pillars beside you, and one behind you and only you know their names; I doubt they will ever let you fall.