poker With The Gods

Dear, you have been playing poker with the Gods for far too long. Remember that they see everything. Your fault was already pre-planned. Constructed insidiously. They have fed off you for many years. Your joy was taken for granted to fuel their greed. Every surprised moment of excitement was already laid upon the chips as you displayed your winning cards. They stole your laughter as you hurried to take your winnings. They plotted your smile before shuffling the cards. The Fates stood by, in the shadows of the room strumming your thread like a harp. Music. How beautifully distracting. Time fails to elude her touch.
While magic was seemingly on your side, Hecate holds no mercy. She keeps her hand firmly on your shoulder. Ah! What wonderful support from an old friend that doubles and triples with encouragement to continue; muffling your instincts, the only true emotion on your side. How will you ever know the difference between a friend and foe if you keep deafening yourself to the obvious whispers each card warns? Your winning hand will soon betray you. Like the knife in your back that you keep fresh unconsciously. You keep playing poker with the Gods. The faith you have in yourself whimpers in comparison to the blind faith you have for the others around the table. Lay down those cards, and follow your wit. Discard the hand that leans on your shoulder. That friend is no friend, dear. She weighs you down to tire your ambitions that sees with the influence and not the eye.
Change the scene, and ask the harp to come closer. The maestro’s behind those strings will fall into the light from the dark. Open the window that once was not there and allow air to filter out the words in the music of Time. Listen to the whispers the cards scream and cut through the deafening silence by throwing your cards down. The sword has always been in your hands.
Stand up and rock the table, like those that waver the book in your face and condition you. Shock the dead mass around you and find enough breath to rattle the chips. Stand taller and motion to the door that Time forgot. Open it. Light up the room.