Tiger Lilies

I think about Tiger Lilies all the time.
When I do, my heart and mind unify and know no boundaries.
While the one notions the other, The other must reply.
Tiger Lilies venerated, pulsating through my veins,
Breathing life into one another, absorbing the valleys of your face.
How the curves of your lips move when you smile, and the pull forms in the corners where
I find myself swimming alone, for days.
They know the swell of your cheeks that emblazon,
Fields of rouged Tiger Lilies waltzing around me,
“I dare you to love me!” is what they bloom.
The reverence they feel know the crevices beneath your eyes, and
Often wonder if your Chestnut colored eyes turn Amber when you fall, or
What moves you to shed tears that breaks the dam wall?
They have followed those crevices that meet the corners of your eyes,
Where the brows reach out to touch a portion of your smile,
The way my fingertips long to trace the outlines of your soul.
The impulsive rouged you that tickles me incessantly,
Berths the key I hold where my fingertips explore the outline of your jaw,
Travelling up to the wild that is your hair
Where our compulsions wander through the boundless essence that howls at the moon,
The way my mouth should bite and pull the back of your neck.
My unison only knows the idea of your breath on my skin, when the knot between us tightens.
Bewitched by your ardent heartbeat and the ebb and flow of the beads of sweat between us.
Beads of you I would carry like pearls around my neck while the waves build up in the horizon before hitting the shore.
The pair within me churns, longing to feel you stain my flesh of that which is all becoming of you.
The center most dark and light sanctions of our souls where we find one another most nights, but
When the crisp air settles and finds us there
My eyes flutter awake to the ceiling that knows how often I think about you.