All I am aware of right now, this very moment, is that if I am to kiss you, my heart will follow suit.

It isn’t quite fair, on either of us really. Why should my heart get in the way of us kissing? We both are feeling this intense sexual attraction toward each other. We both desire beyond the physical realms that tie us to a mere glance; as your eyes trace my words, the words I choose carefully. 

Because when I am seated beside you, my soul comes alive. It breaths, entirely on its own. And I am breathing twice as hard and as much, while my pulse races, and my cheeks rouge and my fingertips ignite; Aching in wanting to touch you, and all this is beyond my control, because my soul compels me to move into you.

I won’t though. I won’t move closer to you than I am already. There are enough earthly elements separating us and I am controlling them; or possibly, you are. Since the time and space between us now, could calculate into centuries of longing and waiting.

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