long Languished Days

Every night I forsake my heart, but
by sunrise it overflows again.
Lyrics of you infiltrate while I sleep,
nestling fine-tuned notes on a spreadsheet
to be sung by the light of Dawn.

I lay awake overwhelmed by the notion that
you have crossed my lifeline.
The aching desires offers no respite.
They continue to pulsate through me
as a reminder that love cannot be contained.

The pleasure of you in my mind’s eye
cannot be compartmentalized.
No matter how neatly packaged you come,
the hunger splits asunder.
Splattering rouge colored despair throughout my day.

Long towering days filled with hours
languished by blue shaded swellings.
Swellings that ebb and flow
as you stampede through my veins.

Bruised and dismantled seeking relief,
spoiled by searching with fingertips in thin air
for your fingerprints,
fingerprints to trace a glance, a whisper, a promise
you once left behind.

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