The Pied Piper

My bitter-sweet love,
how beautiful you are…

You pushed me,
to the breaches beyond my capacity to love,
and broke me.

Yes Darling! It broke me,
into shades of black and blue,
pieces of my life missing.

Whole chunks of time and space,
where memories should have filled,
now lay empty.

I cannot retrace;
It will remain unsettled because
it is beyond waste.

That waste in time;
Should have been spent and spoiled with
your infectious laughter,
and sex
and all kinds of shenanigans.

What a fantastic trickster you are;
To have led me into your world
where Jesters entertain.

Foolish to the notion;
That the source of a steady commitment
would be found,
only to find myself awake

in a nightmare.