the Tears of Demeter

The night gently comes with the breath of a sleeping giant, darkening the light while lovers find their way into each other’s arms. Whispers are heard on the breeze passing through, like children playing hide and seek among’st shadowy trees, and while the Earth nestles to find comfort on her side the veil of Erebus embraces her with his warmth.

Anna looked at life through the eyes of a poet, seated by her window peering out as dusk settled in. This is how she imagined light dancing into night. She got up to make herself coffee, one last time, before finding her sleep. As she steadily poured and stirred her cup she wondered how love found its place in such a ruthless world. She had been sleeping badly for several weeks, and found that not even in dreams could she escape her heart that fell asunder. No distraction worthy enough to separate the ache. She made way to her room, and crawled into bed heavy with thoughts and longing for change. Sipping her coffee while watching whatever was on television, and somewhere in between reality and fantasy she managed to calm her emotional storm. She had found the courtship of her fantasies and memories of broken romance a bit too comforting, and would reason with the reality of the situation by beating down at her wild imagination. Memories can taint a romantic heart when the heart knows nothing of what the mind has decided upon. She chose to walk away from the toxic mess and often reminded herself why but no matter the logic, there had been no respite from the regret that lingered. She reminded herself continuously like a broken record; the arm’s length she would receive often, despite her courage to always approach love with an open heart. How conversations where generally one way, and how many phone calls were spent in vain. Reminiscing of the bad would generally be considered good in certain circumstances if sharpened well and proper, but no matter the sting of tracking back there are those gifted given moments that meander and cut right through all the bad. The heart always interjects.
She sipped the last of her coffee and made herself comfortable in bed. She looked out her bedroom window at the stars before closing her eyes, wishing for the sake of wishing. Perhaps tomorrow would feel the same despite the manifestations of change.


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