The Primordial Deities: Lesson 1

“Immortal’s are thus so, because we continue to breathe life into them” – Belvedere

Primordial Deities are the gods that spawned from chaos into order.
Chaos is considered the void, the nothingness, the emptiness.
The deities from chaos, were the raw basic materials needed to awaken actuality by using change. Change is the key component required for creation to breathe and for time to move.
So, a single thought can ripple from nothing into something, and from that existence is born.
Ananke was responsible for that ignition to form within the void. She is the primordial goddess of necessity, compulsion, and inevitability. She is primal and self-formed.
She is with us daily. Consciously or subconsciously, we are driven by her continuously. She is our hunger to want, our needs to be met, our ego’s to insure the continuation of the human species.
From the day we are born, in fact, from the moment we are conceived, our primal urge is to guarantee our survival.
I like to imagine her as the late night thoughts that keep you awake, the addictions we have or habits we create. She is like the stone used to create the ripple in the lake.
Ananke was not alone. If there is a need for change, movement must follow.

Chronos emerged due to the need to create. He is the primordial god of time, ageing and eternity. Ananke together with Chronos could be seen as the mover and the shaker.
I like to imagine him as the light bulb moment, the hands of time or even time wasted or well spent.
So, we all have Ananke within us (the need) and Chronos who surrounds us (time), but it would all be a messy combination of erratic behaviour and loss of time if passion did not find its roots.

Eros, the primordial god of desire, passion and ambition, spawned from the friction between Ananke and Chronos.
He is the bringer of life. A definition of meaning and purpose. We are his result and he is imperative.

I gift to you my knowledge of Greek Mythology due to my desire to share and Eros to thank for it.